Immersive language learning

“I love the apps Playlingo make! They let you learn English in really interactive ways. The best apps ever.”

— @Nanito, Japan

Our vision

Immerse yourself in English

We believe you learn English best by being immersed in it.

We believe you learn English best by being immersed in it.

That’s why we immerse learners in highly engaging English stories and games designed to help you learn the words that make up 90% of words in everyday English books, newspapers and TV.



Addictive chat stories for English learners (A1 + A2)

It's hard to stay motivated when you are learning online. Readable offers a fun new reading experience that keeps users coming back for more.

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Stories are excellent and chat message style is awesome. I strongly recommend. It’s like Netflix as an education platform.

Hasan, Turkey

I really liked it! It helps a lot with vocab, listening and reading skills. I'll tell all my students about it

Luiza, Brazil

iOS & Android


The social English vocab game

Wordable is a fun, innovative two-player game where players battle to show who knows their vocab best.

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My students have learned so much with this app!

Astrid, Brazil

Wordable expands your vocabulary playfully and efficiently! Great app!

Mateus, Spain

Desktop web-app


Learn English by building your city!

Try this genre-busting game where you build and maintain your city by learning and practising your English vocabulary.

Lingopolis is currently offline

An unbelievably great game. It gets you hooked and you don’t want to stop playing

Gülsüm, Turkey